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  The Lost Review - Treasure Quest[Saturday 22-May-2004 23:51 EST]

As mentioned in the blog a few days ago, I tracked down my very first review with CGS+ that somehow got forgotten during the big collate earlier this month. It now resides with honor in this section. Check out the 1996 review section if you can be bothered reading up on original llama musings (although technically they would have been Ori musings at the time) ...
-Calmer Llama

  CGS+ articles (finally!) compiled[Tuesday 11-May-2004 00:19 EST]

Well I finally got some time and completed the layout and compilation of all my old articles, reviews and hints and tips pieces for Computer Games Strategy Plus magazine. I also whipped up a nifty side-bar menu for no reason other than to see if I can still remember how to use Javascript and document.write commands! I'll reuse this code on other pages and remove any temporary links that remain in due course.
-Calmer Llama

  Computer Games Strategy Plus Reviews[Tuesday 30-March-2004 23:34 EST]

In 1996, I began doing freelance review and article writing for Computer Games Strategy Plus magazine, covering mainly Strategy and War games for both the on-line web-site and print magazine issues. CGS+ was one of the premier PC gaming magazines in print at the time and is still functioning today, albeit under a new title, "Computer Games Magazine."

It was undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable online experiences I have had, working with a range of highly talented freelance writers and experienced gamers. The editorial staff were similarly gifted and were generally happy to let us loose, exercising the bare minimum of influence to ensure that our prose was of the high quality expected by the magazine readership.

While all of the exceptional content of those early days can still be found in the Computer Games Online archives, I've recieved permission to keep a mirror of my own submissions here for my own amusement.

So, feel free take a step back into the 90's and browse through the archaic content within these dusty halls ...
-Calmer Llama

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